SciGRID Conference 2017

We are pleased to announce the SciGRID International Conference on Power Grid Modelling and the calls for abstracts and papers. The conference aims at presenting state of the art research on power grids and energy system modelling by bringing together experts from the power network and the energy system modelling communities. The goal is to share knowledge and help identify the common problems encountered in research, industry, and software development topics.

For the purpose of the conference, datasets of SciGRID and GridKit for the German and the European power grids are made available here. Both models, source codes used to generate the datasets, and their documentation can be downloaded here for SciGRID and here for GridKit.

The obejective behind the data release is to enable the conference participants to present and discuss their results obtained using either or both or other power grid datasets and models. This will contribute to evaluate and compare SciGRID and GridKit with existing grid datasets and models. Please note: Participants are not required to make their own datasets or models open.

Furthermore, we welcome participants to submit contributions related to other aspects of power grids and energy system modelling as indicated in the Conference topics section below.

The SciGRID conference is generously supported by the BMBF Research Initiative Zukunftsfähige Stromnetze under the funding code 03SF0471.

Date and Venue:

The conference will be held in Oldenburg on the 30th-31st March 2017 and is organized by NEXT ENERGY, EWE-Research Centre for Energy Technology. The conference venue will be announced here soon.

Conference Topics:

The conference covers a wide range of topics which include (but are not restricted to):

  • Characterization and analysis of power networks
  • Comparison & validation of grid models and grid data
  • Models of power grid for all voltage levels
  • Grid models in energy systems
  • Energy market models and simulations
  • Transmission and distribution expansion planning
  • Open source grid models and grid data
  • (optimal) power flow models on (different) grids
  • Power grid operations and predictive control
  • Algorithms for power network analysis

Call for Abstracts and Papers:

Participants are invited to submit abstracts of maximum 2 pages (A4 format). The abstracts should be sent in PDF-format to the email address: with the Email title: "SciGRID Conference Abstract Submission" at the latest on the 4 December 2016.

All abstracts submitted to the organizers will be reviewed and evaluated. Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their work in a form of a talk or a poster and submit a paper to be published in a special issue of the "Journal of Physics: Conference Series", as open source papers. Only papers related to the talks or posters presented at the conference will be considered for publication. The deadline for full paper submition at the latest on the 1st of April 2017.

Important Dates:

  • Registration: open until 15 March 2017
  • Abstract submission: 4 December 2016
  • Abstract acceptance notification: 15 January 2017
  • Full paper submission: 1 April 2017
  • Notification about required paper modifications: 31 May 2017
  • Final manuscript submission: 30 June 2017

For Authors:

Abstract submission:

Abstrats should be sent in PDF-Format, maximum 2 pages in A4 format. Submitted abstracts should contain statements of introduction, motivation, methods and models used and results and conclusions. Authors can use the following templates for Latex and Microsoft Word which can be downloaded here.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their work in a form of a talk or a poster.

Please note: Presentations, poster and paper participations require the first author to present their work in person (or by a designated replacement) at the conference.

Paper submission:

Authors of accepted abstracts are invited to submit a full paper (8 pages max). Paper templates, for Microsoft Word and for LaTeX2e, can be downloaded here. Papers written with Microsoft Word and for LaTeX2e must be converted in PDF format to be submitted. Submitted papers must be written in English, in one column (A4) format and no more than 8 pages long.

The full papers are to be submitted in PDF ready format and the title of the conference is to be indicated as "SciGRID International Conference on Power Grid Modelling" and have to be sent to: at the latest on the 1st of April 2017.


The participation to the conference is free. To register please use the following registration form.

Registrations can be cancelled by writing to the organizers at the latest 2 weeks before the conference. Participants cancelling after the 15 March 2017 will be charged 50 Euros administrative fee.

The following types of participation to the conference are possible:

  • Paper and presentation (paper length: 8 pages max)
  • Poster and presentation
  • Presentation only
  • Poster only
  • Conference attendance only

Please remember to indicate in the registration form which type of participation you are planning. Please also indicate if you are want to act as a reviewer for one or two papers.

There will be slots for 30 min talks (including 10 min discussion) and for 50 min talks (including 10 min discussion).

Local Organizing Committee:


If you need any information about the conference, the venue, and accomodations, do not hesitate to contact us: