The SciGRID abstracted transmission network model is a free and open-source code. It is written in python and SQL and is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. This license is applicable both for industry and academics, you may obtain a copy of the License here. You are welcome to download the SciGRID code and use it for your research and applications.

If you use the SciGRID code or datasets we would highly appreciate that you let us know by sending an email to developers(at) This will help us to understand the range of application of our code. Eventually, it will support us in acquiring additional funding for maintaining the code and developing it further.

Git Repository

To download the release history of the SciGRID model including the latest conference release clone the git repository using the command:

git clone SciGRID

Please note: the git repository may be updated from time to time between releases.

SciGRID Conference "SciGRID Dataset" Release (zipped versions)

You can download a .zip archive of the SciGRID model. The zipped folder includes the SciGRID model code, scripts and a Graphical User Interface to run the SciGRID model, filtered OpenStreetMap "power" data and the "power" data for the transmission in Germany and Europe. It also includes the resulting vertices and links of the transmission network obtained when running the SciGRID model (OSM data status 18.07.2016) for Germany and Europe, along with the documentation of the SciGRID model.

Datasets, source code, and documentation

Datasets only

Alternatively, you can download only the derived data tables with vertices and links obtained from running the SciGRID model on Germany and Europe (OSM data status 18.07.2016).

The different databases, data files and tables included in the SciGRID model are made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License - See more at link.

SciGRID Conference "GridKit Dataset" Release (zipped versions)

GridKit Code and Documentation

The GridKit code can be downloaded from the github repository. Moreover, information about GridKit can be found in the Master thesis of Bart Wiegmans.

GridKit datasets

SciGRID Documentation

The user guide explains what the SciGRID model does and how it can be used. It also explains the data sources used and the different steps used in SciGRID to obtain the abstracted transmission network. Additionally, a section describing how to use the SciGRID GUI is added. The user guide is also included in the SciGRID release folder.

How to cite SciGRID

If you would like to cite SciGRID model please use the following reference: C. Matke, W. Medjroubi, and D. Kleinhans, SciGRID - An Open Source Reference Model for the European Transmission Network (v0.2),, 2015. Or use the following bibtex entry:

author = {Matke, Carsten, and Medjroubi, Wided and Kleinhans, David},
title = {{SciGRID} - {A}n {O}pen {S}ource {R}eference {M}odel for the {E}uropean {T}ransmission {N}etwork (v0.2)},
month = Jul,
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Comments and contact

If you have comments/suggestions you are always welcome to contact us.

If you want to start or participate to a discussion concerning the SciGRID model and grid modelling with us and other users, you are welcome to subscribe to the open mailing list This list is meant to be an open space for discussion and exchange of ideas and was initiated after the first SciGRID workshop.

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Previous releases of SciGRID

SciGRID release V 0.1

SciGRID release V 0.2